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Vegan Pizzas – Maintaining Their Authenticity With A Twist

Vegan Pizzas – Maintaining Their Authenticity With A Twist

How many of you have heard of vegans? Ok well, for those who don’t know who vegans are, they are basically people who do not eat meat, dairy products or egg. So how do you create a tasty vegan pizza without using any of the above mentioned ingredients? You need to be creative and do a little research. Actually, it is not too difficult to make a vegan pizza, but you need to keep looking for new recipes otherwise vegan pizzas will become boring.

There are quite a few facts about vegan which people might not know, including vegans themselves. So here they are.

Authentic Italian Pizza

Did you know that the traditional, authentic Italian pizza was vegan? Yes, you read it right. The original Italian pizza was first made without meat and cheese. Called the Marinara, it used simple but special ingredients and was quite simple to cook. Many places and people loved this pizza and called it their favourite.

Various Options Available

Vegan pizzas are available in more choices than just the Marinara. You could ask your favourite pizza place to provide you with different vegan pizzas, you could buy a frozen vegan pizza or even make one at home. It might be slightly difficult to find a place where they serve authentic Marinara pizzas, but it is quite easy to get a pizza without cheese at every pizza place.

Home Made And Frozen Vegan Pizzas

Homemade pizzas are the best options because you can make the pizza as you wish and use whatever ingredients you want. You can make it as traditional as possible and substitute meat and eggs with other vegan ingredients. You could also use non-traditional crusts in a traditional pizza. The choice is yours!

Talking about frozen pizzas, you will find quite a few frozen vegan pizzas on the market. They are easily available and taste really good too. It’s not a bad option to go in for a frozen vegan pizza either!


When you think of pizzas without cheese, do they sound incomplete? They probably do, but authentic Italian pizzas were actually cheese-less and tasted really amazing. So while making pizza if you don’t want your pizza to be cheese-less, you could use vegan cheese substitutes. You could also use nutritional yield cheese sauce which is a great substitute and very nutritious as well. One thing which you must keep in mind while using vegan cheese substitutes is that they do not have the quality of melted mozzarella cheese or any other typical cheese used in pizzas. The taste and look of a vegan cheese pizza might be different from a non-vegan one, but it tastes as good as any other. Tapioca, a vegan cheese brand, uses an arrowroot base instead of soy base, and that is why it comes closer to other cheese available on the market.

Pizza Dough

Pizza dough is vegan, no doubt about that, but there are a lot of differences among various doughs depending upon the type of flour used to make them. All kinds of flour are not available everywhere. Not many people know that authentic Italian pizzas require “00” type flour, and this particular type is not easily available in quite a few places. The pizza dough is one of the most important parts in every pizza, and if you don’t use the right flour, the dough will not be nice.

Pizza Crusts

Good quality pizza crusts can be made using the normal baking flour or wheat flour as well. Remember, you might get a good pizza, but not a traditional Italian one! Beer is often added to the flour which enhances its taste. Apart from these ingredients, you also get gluten-free crusts which are available in the market. Tapioca and manic flour, seeds, vegetables and legumes, all of these together make a yummy pizza!

Puff Pastry

Anybody heard of this? Puff pastry can be used to make a pizza base and interesting vegan pizzas especially. Olive oil, garlic, tomatoes dried in the sun, mushroom, mustard seeds, thinly sliced potato with rosemary and olive oil, everything can go really well on puff pastry.

So this was all about vegan pizzas and the options available to them. You can explore all the options available with them and play around with your imagination and ingredients to come up with a unique vegan pizza! You can also look up the internet for more recipes and ingredients which you could use in your pizza. Hurry up, you don’t have a lot of time!

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