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Tips For Creating Tasty Desserts From Basic Ingredients

We have all been in the situation where someone rings you and announces they are on their way for a surprise visit. That moment of panic you have when you realise there is really nothing to offer them and you don’t have time to start baking a cake.

For all those moments here are some really clever tips for desserts that don’t require a lot of time or ingredients.

Items To Keep At Hand

Naturally, if you have literally nothing on your cupboards you are going to be in trouble. It is a really good idea to try and stock up on some really basic items once you run out of them. This way you can always make something if someone turns up unexpectedly.

The key ingredients you want to have available are eggs, milk, sugar, and flour. With just these basic items with a few more different additions it is possible to get a dessert done.

You could also add some dried berries or fruit onto your cupboards and perhaps get a tiny bottle of vanilla essence for flavouring your desserts.

Few Simple Recipes

Some of the best recipes don’t actually require a lot of things. For example, you can create a lot of tasty desserts with meringue. This is easy to make and can even work as a standalone sweet dessert.

Make some basic meringue and serve it up with some cookies and ice cream, for example. If you have any fruit or berries available you can make a big meringue base and top it of with these fruits and berries.

If possible include some whipped cream on top. You can also flavour it with the vanilla essence. One of the best and the most basic meringue recipe is the one at the website.

Bread pudding is another really good simple thing to make. You will most likely have some bread available and you’ll only need a bit of milk, butter and some spices. All you need to do is tear the bread in a bowl and soak it with the milk, sugar, and eggs. You can also additionally add some dried fruit and lemon zest if you have them available.

If you got champagne vintages for Christmas then pour a bit over for better taste.

Once soaked add melted butter and pour the mixture to an ovenproof dish. Bake until golden brown and wow your surprise guests. This is simple and very tasty recipe that isn’t going to take long to make.

Take Advantage Of The Freezer

Even though surprise guests usually come as a bit of a surprise we still should know by now that this tends to happen from time to time. So use your freezer to keep some simple desserts ready at all times.

There are good recipes on the internet for some frozen muffins, for example. These are really tasty and your guests won’t notice that they aren’t freshly made, unless you tell them!

The above tips and recipes will guarantee you always have a dessert ready.

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